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The ideas surrounding Wicked Days

Drop Date: 01/06/2021 - 12 AM - Singapore Standard Time

The title comes from a Hopsin's song, "Oh how I wish I can redo the pain and the wicked days". In his song, the rapper recollects traumatising childhood memories, of neglect and abuse, of pain and heartbreaks.

Among the elements, the main motifs for this collection is going to include gradients, sunsets, darkness and familiar routines. As i work and release the designs, i will let my process inform me of what design elements is needed and then write about it as i go along.

On some level, i am guessing we have experienced pain. The context might be different and the intenseness of the experience lies on a wide spectrum. A death of a closed one is not the same as feeling lost in life which then is not the same as fall out with your best friend. It's all painful nonetheless, but no less invalid. I'd aimed to have this collection to be about a reflection of dark days ; it will be moving away from the bubblegum colors we have used in MadCity, and moving away from the world building we have done i Capsule.

We will be carefully thinking about the ideas and imageries as we work through them, it is our hope that it will become concrete as time goes by.

Thank you again for reading and your unwavering support.


The Bunny

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