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The Edge

"Feels like we're on the edge right now"- NF

Before the grind, there were days of lazing about, chain smoking and day dreaming. It wasn't so much of a limbo as it was a sense of freedom; of waking up without the sound of an alarm, and going to sleep only when the sun starts to set.

As far as the subject matter goes, one of it's theme would be youth; the moments of inner conflict, of feeling like we needed to fit in and at the same time, completely comfortable in our own skin.

The Splooting Bunny is also starting to work with local artists such as Matty Judah and P_Neda. These are extremely talented individuals who are willing to give us a shot. For myself,I felt like their music is giving me a reason to get back into local music again, for now, i am only enjoying their music as a fan, but i will write about it more as i continue to spend time with their music.


The Bunny

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