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Our process in Wicked Days

The processes with each of our collection is different, from finding the inspiration to the actual physical production of the t-shirt. Here's what we mean:

Thinking about the theme

For this current collection, we start off with thinking about the theme, concerning ourself with the image criteria, i know this sounds very corporate like and 'dead' but it helps me decide what to include. This process filters out what does not fit the theme. So from here, i'd come out with a mood board.

Finding the image

Each design is different, for the teddy smokes [image] that you see here, it was taken from a trip to mount fuji about 8 years ago. This is my favourite part about this collection; i get to dig deep into my hard-disks from years ago to find the perfect picture to design off.


At this stage, i'd have to visualise the print on the T-shirt itself. In my head, i'd have to think about how i'd look wearing the T-shirt, and how the design would look on different people, female, male, skinny, tall, fat, short. Most of the time, i'd just visualise myself wearing it.

Things to think about in my head

The color of the T-shirt that would go with this design

The size of the tee

Front print or back print

How i would possibly present it in photographs

etc ..

and whatever else that would come up as i am driving to my day job.

The actual designing

This is spontaneous, i would start off with the idea in my head and then sometimes completely throw away the blueprint and start drawing, there is a 50/50 chance of succeeding.


If i like the design, i would go ahead and send it to the print shop. I would try to salvage it if i didn't like it, there are about 1 failures in every 3 designs i have done so far. Many designs are in the thrash.

Judgment about a design is the hardest, because you would have be as judgmental as you can; trying to convince yourself a bad design is good is usually a sure path to regret. Judgements about a design is usually subjective, but i think a good rule of thumb is that, you got to like it first before others do.

Thank you.


The Bunny

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