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Our memory of this picture [Wicked days- 0199]

I think our generation is lucky enough to have traveled widely, as compared to our ancestors. This is a familiar picture no doubt, of looking up at the skies and then wanting to leave the nest to see the world. Either that, or you'd already left and feel like going home for a while.

As i continue to work on the designs, i still kept my original principles. The most important one was that i would not go forward with releasing a design if i felt it was against my own visual aesthetics. I have felt in the past, that i would have moments in which i'd pander to requests from the public, and these had often left me feeling like the designs weren't good enough. I feel like being honest to my own instincts is very important to the direction of this store and it's collection.

I really need Wicked Days to be melancholic in some sense, but hopeful. I'd like to convey a sadness in the colors. I do not want the images to represent crippling depression; however if to the audience, there's an inkling of depression, we hope that it is still filled with optimism.


The Bunny

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