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Unimportant By Design - Date TBA

Postal. May 2021

"I'm ironically on time, you platonically inside

And we'll forget this ever happened, unimportant by design" - Chika ' FWB'

One of my favourite artist right now is Chika. The title for our next collection is a line taken from her song 'FWB'. The song tells her feelings about a lover who is trying her best to stay on the level of sex. And as much as she can, to not develop serious feelings for her lover.

We have chosen this title for the next collection to represent fleeting moments.

These moments are captured, familiar, but chucked away in our memories, at the back of our heads as picture perfect but unimportant; not important enough to talk about but still holds a special place in our hearts.

It is important to us, the ones who experienced it, but it means nothing to anybody else.

The inspiration for 'Postal' comes from Tyler The Creator's Homewrecker album cover. We needed the square album design for a grey/light colored tee and a way to represent the mailbox image taken in the outskirts of Tokyo. The barcode for Tyler's cover is replaced with a QR code that point's the audience to our TSB's website.

We will announce the drop of UBD on June 03. Stay tune for that. Thank you for all your support so far. Appreciate it fully.


The Bunny

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