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North Squad

North Squad

With our upcoming collection, many of the designs will go against our normal practices. These include safe, predictable arrangements of images, sizes, canvas's shapes, colours and most evidently, the ideas.

If the image or design differs radically from the previous one, it should be understood as experiments and our design team are trying to be stretch ourselves to an uncomfortable position, as much as possible.

I think there is value in taking risks, but not so much that we lose our direction and end up confusing ourselves. So in this project, we are going to create a safe environment where we can play with ideas with this guiding principle, " The design has to hit with the one who created it". I think it's more practical to focus on our own opinions.

Let's talk about North Squad, the editing of our logo is inspired by Keith Ape. We ran through about an hour of images of the musician and his outfits, and revisited our favourite hit of his, ITGMA, the visuals in the MV inspired me during my own younger days, i was still in Emily Carr at that point.

I cannot even begin to describe the influence that song had on me back then. So the team came together and thought about different elements we could bring into this piece.

Keith taught me to take risks. We are praying for your health.


The Bunny

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