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Perpetual Change - Unimportant By Design

"...we become overly traditional ... we get too caught up in the past of what everyone is saying and what everyone is treating, Sometimes you just have to be fearless enough to break the ******* simulation." - Kanye West

People have asked us about our changing styles; why we wouldn't continue drawing the nostalgic stuff, the cartoons, or why we shifted from the story building idea of 'Capsule' to 'Wicked Days' which had nothing to do with the previous collections.

I have no direct answer to this, only that behind the T-shirt store, are real human beings with different personalities and interests.

It was really fun drawing the cartoons in our own interpretations(Mad City). An incredible experience when we thought up (Capsule); an imaginary world destroyed by a deadly virus. From the get-go, however, we knew these ideas wouldn't last, and they shouldn't. We treated them more as experiments.

Themes in general serves as a guide, a good method to encapsulate an idea so that it is understood by the audience, but it should never guide a person's artistic sensibility.

Themes and track-record are too limiting and ultimately, the work suffers.

Especially in the modern landscape, where we are all connected through social media, content producers think about algorithms daily. I think if one kept thinking about the algorithms ( what gets the most likes, what types of content that gets people to follow, what gets the most interaction, how my business can become famous etc.), the internet would be an extremely boring environment.

Hence, we change. We'd have to put what we love and find interesting first before the opinions of others. If we didn't, there is no possible motivation for us to carry on creating works for the brand.

I think that's something TSB shares in common with the artists that we'd approached to represent and promote our works. It's their persistence in the things they love, in the music they create, Lutfil loves singing and he does it for the sake of it, as with P_Neda and Matty Judah; they would continue to rap and create music even if no one was watching, i am certain of this, because it's authentic, it's not fake.

There's definitely a possible collaboration with these guys in the future, they are a pleasure to work with and all around chill guys. So watch out for that. Thank you for your support, we are rooting ourselves firmly and although we are a small shop that popped out of nowhere, just know that the team at The Splooting Bunny will continue the hustle.

' Not for the car keys, jetskis or the vacation to the West Indies . But simply 'cuz I love it ' - TJW.


The Bunny

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