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The Resistance Publication (MadCity: Capsule - The History)

The summer started with the assassination of Premier Clemencia Woo. Many grieved for the late president for he was a peaceful and loving man.

Needless to say, the killer was never found. This is common in the city, cases of murder have always been closed without investigations.

With the absence of the president, Capsule City spiralled into turmoil. The rebels leaders organised a military coup and ordered for the defacement and destruction of all the seven rabbit sculptures; these were functional monuments built by Premier Woo and his party.

The rabbit monument served more than a piece of art; it was a living, breathing piece of machinery that powered the most essential tasks in the city. These monuments were usually guarded by the president's elite's task force; without the rabbits functioning, the city would descend into chaos.

The rabbits were eventually destroyed, the riots started, people were going jobless, the looting became worse, and our poverty stricken city is in an apocalyptic state.

However, there was one that survived. The resistance had managed to sneak a spy into the rebel groups and they'd planned to salvage at least one monument. When they had got to her, she was already in a terrible shape, but at least, most of her parts were still in tact. The resistance moved the monument deep into the woods, outside the capsule, where no rebels would find them.

Immense effort is being made to repair the rabbit. We must start her heart beating again, at all costs, for the sake of the city. We will write to you again, when we can.

Yours truly,

viva la resistance.

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