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On a regular Wednesday night at the headquarters, the team gathered round for a good discussion. I think we wanted to talk about how we can express clearly what the brand represented.

To this point, i said that i wanted The Splooting Bunny to take 20 years to grow into something remarkable, but on our journey towards this goal, it is imperative that we stood for good values.

I want our store to be the future, this is a vague description perhaps, but here it is. The brand should represent a mix of old and new values, of working hard, having a non complaining attitude. For others, we need to support other companies and artists, to put them on, to give the underdogs a shot. We do this not to stroke our own ego, we do this because it is practical and more fun to cross disciplines.

Honestly, we started out at our mum's house and we haven't really made it out yet, so our creds are pretty low. However, the end point should be that we have made relative success, and with this we can inspire and help the next generation by teaching them what we have learnt about business and brand building.

I hope you chase that dream of yours ferociously, but also have empathy and perspectives to other people's lives on your way to the top. This is my dream of a streetwear brand. For those who are new, welcome to The Splooting Bunny. You are looking at the future.


The Bunny

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