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My dad, he loves Pandas. Since we have started this T-shirt store, he has been asking me for a Panda Tee. I'd delayed it but he'd asked everyday. This month i have finally racked my brain and came up with this shirt that had spy panda smoking a cigarette. It was just like him when he'd used to smoke. After his illness, the doctors had forbidden him to smoke anymore.

I am happy to say he loves the Tee.

Selling T-shirts are cool and and all but i think the ultimate fulfilment comes from the fact that i've made some people happy with my designs, that i have at least made a few faces smile.

It is my hope that the splooting bunny does more than sell T-shirts, that maybe we could tell a story, do some charity work for kids or elderly, help donate some of the profits towards an animal shelter, that we could become a streetwear store with a purpose.

These are dreams that i aspire towards, goals that remains unfulfilled, but one day we will get there. We'd just started and i think we aren't doing too bad. Anyway, we're in it for the long haul, one baby step at a time.

We want to thank all of you reading for the support as usual, i think it's the constant love and views on our social media that made us believe that small dreams are indeed achievable.


The Bunny

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