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Infernal Affairs

Dear reader,

We have received word that there is a spy amongst us. We are writing to you to urge that you remain vigilant in these uncertain times and be very careful of who you trusts.

The rebels have infiltrated one of our key site in the north eastern territory. The rabbit monument is safe and we are almost finished in the reparations of the essential components. When the machine starts running, you will be informed via a telegram.

On a more personal note, although the rules explicitly says that we should be maintain deep relationships with our fellow comrades, i am deeply sadden that one of our recruits was shot to death this evening. It was quick death, a shot to the head by a sniper. Her name was Comrade Mei and everybody in our group loved her. If you knew her, please send our regards to her mother back in the capsule.

We will write to you again.


Viva Le Resistance

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