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[Pre-Order] Classics: May Cause Dizziness drops 16/06/202112 AM

[May Cause Dizziness] will be available for pre-order on 10/06/2021 at 12 AM. The T-shirt will be available in 4 colors. Tags in black will also be included with the product.

May Cause Dizziness can also be known as FUTURE design. It is part of an on-going collection that will be categorised under classics. It is our first attempt at sewing in the black tags individually by hand and also at understanding the color palettes of the t-shirt in relations with the graphics.

Black Tags

Black MCD

The T-shirt to represent the values we stand for, FUTURE: of being optimistic about it, of being practical and positive about our upcoming days. I think it's a beautiful thing, to reinforce in ourselves the idea that we are the future, so we have to be better, healthier in our perspectives, to empathise deeper with others, to inspire. If we can do that, i think the future is bright even on the darkest days. As always, we appreciate all the love and support.



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