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4 - 8 Hz

Our upcoming collection will give our customers the option to utilise NFT . If you have been with us for the past year, you'd see us briefly grazing the topic. Our interests in blockchain remains deep and projects are still ongoing to launch ourselves onto the platform. It is an important addition to our vision.

The latest collection is called Theta and our focus will be on creating imageries that will speak to the space between mind states; between dreams and consciousness, old and new, current technologies and forgotten advancements. The idea have been extensively explored by artists who have sought to identify and depict these transitions. From Anish Kapoor's career in exploring the notion of space and voids, Lucio Fontana's canvas cuts and his subtle understandings of space to the more recent 'Beeple' who broke the ceiling at Christie when his NFT, 'the first 5000 days' sold for 69.3 million; to me these are examples of transitions in art.

There remains a deep interest in ourselves to take a look at what happens in that moment before we cross into the Meta-verse. The idea of "Theta" refers to Theta waves, one of the 4 types of brainwaves observed in the human-beings. Typically, Theta waves do not occur in the deepest stages of sleep; rather, it has been observed in day-dreaming/lethargy/ meditation. The waves occurs in the brain during the phase before deep sleep.


The NFTs provides holders with a gateway; to redeem merchandises from the Theta/Classic collection, access to blueprints, processes, ideas, dips on future launches, pre-orders and direct contact points to the people at TSB. Holding the NFT automatically becomes a holder for any one T-shirt and future collectibles, the cost will only be for minting, so it is essentially free.

What are NFTs ?

NFTs refers to Non-Fungible Token, you can think of it as a digital contract that proves that you are the rightful owner of the digital bunny. With ownership, you gain the access to future collectibles, such as your bunny in an infinity frame, and redeemable one-time T-shirt from the Theta collection, and future NFTs that will be air-drop to your digital wallet for minting. These are our efforts to build the brand, and to take care of our tribe, to give thanks.

How many NFTs will be available?

In our initial discussion, we are looking at producing only 5000, the team at TSB will be keeping 500 of these so 4500 are available for minting.

Why is it Free?

The idea is to disseminate the image of the bunny as widely as possible, though 5000 might seem like a small number in the grand scheme of things, these 5000 will only be for the initial phase, known as Initial 5K (I5K), future bunnies will still be dropped after these.

Please stay tune to our store for upcoming updates, the next update will be on December 31st.


The Bunny

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